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Our story

In 2019 we, Frank and Matt, travelled to Taiwan together. During this trip we came into contact with Oolong tea and the rich culture associated with it. We went into the mountains, visited plantations and traders, and found the best tea we had ever tasted. Fresh as green tea and rich as black tea.

After getting back to the Netherlands we wanted to drink this tea again. Unfortunately, we soon discovered that the tea we drank in Taiwan was not available in the Netherlands. After a lot of contact back and forth we managed to import our favorite varieties of Oolong to the Netherlands. From one day to the next we were tea merchants. We would like to share our experience with you, so that you too can taste why we fell in love with this tea.

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"The Dong Ding from House of Oolong was delivered very fast and very fresh. Super tasty and nice!"

Debbie van Veen

"Especially for large quantities a very good price. No shipping costs in NL and just good."

Robert van der Haag

"The Oriental Beauty is the best we've found so far. High quality and very tasty."

Noa van der Geest

"The Bhaozong was already on my wish list. The taste is very delicate, firm but soft. Very happy!"

Wouter Schaaij

High quality Oolong tea is often very expensive due to traders and an artificially inflated price. We offer four different kinds of Oolong tea, which are not only very tasty, but also full of vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants.

Each variety is unique and has different characteristics. For those who can't choose, we have put together a tasting package, with all the varieties we offer.

Oolong thee

Oolong Tasting Set

For those who neither can nor want to choose. We have put together a tasting set with our four varieties of Oolong tea. Get to know Oolong tea and choose which one you like the best!

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Our promise

We do our best to always provide the best possible service, to deliver the best possible tea, for the best possible price. It's as simple as that with us!