Will my tea arrive later due to the COVID-19 crisis?

We ship our tea with PostNL - they're very busy at the moment. As a result, it may happen that your order of tea will be delivered a little later. We notify you when we ship your order of tea. For more questions you can always contact us or PostNL.

How will the tea be shipped?

We ship all kinds of tea in sealed packages, with a zipper strip. The packages are sent in cardboard boxes. For smaller quantities, they can be put in the mailbox. For larger quantities they are delivered to your door. We pack the tea so that it arrives undamaged. We do our best to always ship your order within 1 working day.

What are the shipping costs?

Our shipments within the Netherlands are always free. We don't want to bother our tea lovers with extra costs. Shipping costs within Europe and other countries are calculated during checkout. On this page you will find all information about shipping costs.

When will my Oolong tea order arrive?

We ship our packages in most cases on the next business day. Within the Netherlands we use packages that fit through mailboxes, these are usually delivered on the next business day. On this page, you can check what the average delivery time is for packages to other countries.

Where does the tea from House of Oolong come from?

We offer four varieties of Oolong tea, all from Taiwan. To ensure high quality, we only import tea from Taiwan. The four varieties come from Natun county, Jiayi county and the Pinglin region. Each tea grows on different heights and under different conditions. Each tea is also processed differently. This creates four unique varieties.

Why is House of Oolong's tea more affordable than other sellers?

In comparison to other sellers, we do not use middlemen. We import our tea directly from Taiwan for a fair price. We only import the tea, of which we are convinced ourselves. Of the highest quality, with the best taste. We want everyone to receive a fair price. Moreover, we don't want to get rich by selling tea - we see it as our mission to make this tea accessible in the Netherlands and Europe.

Why do you only sell four varieties of Oolong tea?

In Taiwan we have tasted different varieties of Oolong tea ourselves. We've made a selection of the four tastiest varieties to offer in our shop. To make sure we always deliver fresh tea, we never import large quantities. This way we can guarantee that our tea is always fresh.

How should I best store the tea?

The best way to store tea is in a cool (below 20°C) and dark place in an airtight packaging, for example a can. The less air comes with the tea, the better the aromas are preserved. You can also keep the tea in its original packaging, because we use resealable packaging.

How best to brew Oolong tea?

There is a lot of different information on how to make Oolong tea. It is important that the tea is made at the right temperature and for the right duration. Oolong tea can be made several times, each time with a different duration. With every tea you order, we add a manual on how to make the best tea. The information on how to make the tea comes from Taiwan, directly from the products. You can find an overview of how to make Oolong tea, here you can find it digitally.

How much tea should I order?

We offer each tea in four different quantities:

  • 50 grams
  • 100 grams
  • 150 grams
  • 300 grams

The greater the quantity you order, the better the price. How much tea you order depends on how often you drink it. If you know which tea you like, and you are a daily drinker, order a large quantity. For those who don't yet know which tea is the most delicious, we also offer an Oolong tasting set, with 25 grams of each variety.

Can I also order tea from House of Oolong as a company or hospitality company?

For companies and hospitality companies we also offer our tea in larger quantities. We are happy to help with the best choice and can also drop by to taste the different varieties. Oolong tea has many applications, also in the culinary world. We are happy to give you more information about this. Feel free to contact us.