About us

Tea in Jiufen

Why we believe in our product

We offer high quality Oolong tea directly from Taiwan. We do not use middlemen. We pay a fair price for the tea in Taiwan. We also charge a fair price here in the Netherlands. Without high profit margins and without fuss. Our goal is to make Oolong tea widely accessible.

We make Oolong tea simple: four varieties, chosen by us, which all have a different flavour and experience. And that includes the best service. We don't charge shipping costs in the Netherlands and offer multiple options within Europe. We believe that you don't need to worry about expensive shipping while finding the tea you like.

Two guys in Taiwan

In November 2019 we, Frank and Matt, went on a trip to Taiwan. We went there for bustling cities, impressive nature and delicious food.

In our daily lives we work as Digital Strategist at a PR agency (Frank) and as VP of International Growth at a start-up (Matt). We travel several times a year, to recharge our batteries, but above all to get new impressions and ideas. For a number of years now, we have mainly been travelling to Asia - from Thailand to Japan, from Korea to Taiwan.

During our last trip to Taiwan, we discovered by chance how delicious oolong tea is. We came into contact with plantations, farmers, vendors, tea houses and fell under the spell of oolong tea.

Where we drank a lot of green and black tea before that, fans of Pu'er tea, Oolong tea opened a whole new world for us.

The best fair tea for the best fair price

Back in the Netherlands we wanted to drink more Oolong tea. We quickly discovered that most shops in Europe offer Oolong tea of inferior quality. This tea often comes from China, Vietnam or is a cheap leftover from Taiwan, not intended for the tea drinkers there. Moreover, we saw that the prices were significantly higher than the prices in Taiwan.

There had to be another way. We looked at the entire buying process, from ordering to import and sales, and found enough points where we felt we could work better and more efficiently. For example, we don't use expensive middlemen.

All this with the idea in mind, to give farmers a fair price for their amazing tea and to offer this tea to Europe for a fair price, so that tea fans and fanatics can get acquainted with the delicious Oolong tea.

House of Oolong

We started House of Oolong, with the idea, to make high quality Oolong tea widely available in the Netherlands and Europe. We offer four varieties of Oolong tea in our webshop: Dong Ding Oolong, Oriental Beauty, High Mountain Oolong and Pouchong. These four varieties are our favourites, all accessible but also refined.

We make choosing and ordering Oolong tea easy and try to provide the best possible service - just as we would expect. That means: with attention and love.