Refund policy

As soon as you've received and seen the tea, it's officially yours. From that moment on you have the right to return the tea for 14 days. To be able to return the tea, it must of course be unopened and undamaged. Because tea is a tender product, we ask you to handle it with care. After 14 days you cannot return the tea. Are there any special circumstances? Please contact us..

How can you return your tea?

We can imagine that there are circumstances in which you would like to return the tea. In order to return it safely, we ask you to follow these steps:

  • Within 14 days after delivery of the tea, send an e-mail to with a description of which tea you want to return and preferably also the reason why you want to return it. That way we can better understand what was wrong and improve our service.
  • Please wait for our confirmation by e-mail: we are here to help you, to make this run as smoothly as possible.
  • Please send your return goods in proper packaging and securely closed to our return address, which you will find below.
  • We will send you a confirmation by e-mail, after evaluation of the tea.
  • We will refund the correct amount or send you replacements, depending on your request.

Our return address is:

House of Oolong
Faas Wilkesstraat 133 E
1095 MD Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Conditions and compensation

In order to make a return as smooth as possible, there are following conditions for a return and refund:

  • Returns are at your expense unless we have made a mistake. Please make sure that you stamp the return sufficiently for it to reach us.
  • The tea should be unopened, unused and in good condition. Otherwise, unfortunately, we cannot accept it. Damaged or opened tea will not be accepted.
  • Always add the packing slip or invoice to your return, so we know which order it belongs to.

Questions, comments or feedback?

Feel free to contact us, we'd be happy to help you with anything!

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