no. 2 Oriental Beauty

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Oxidation: Heavy, 70%
Taste intensity: ●●●
18 mg per 100 ml
Origin: Pinglin district, Taiwan
Altitude: 300 - 800 meters
Also known as: Dongfang Meiren, 東方美人, Eastern Beauty, Baihao, 白毫, White-tip Oolong, Milky Oolong, Pengfeng Cha


Oriental Beauty is a special and famous kind of Oolong tea. The tea is mainly grown in northern Taiwan, where the mild climate and gentle hills provide excellent conditions for this special tea.

The special thing about the Oriental Beauty Oolong is that the taste is obtained because small green grasshoppers eat off the tea leaves. As a response, the tea plant produces antibodies, which provide a sweet, mild and unique taste.

Because the insect-bitten leaves can cause a poor harvest, the price of this oolong is higher than that of other kinds.


The tea that gets its taste from the bite of insects is also known as Mi Xiang, or 'honey flavour'. Only the tips of the tea plant, with one bud and two leaves, are used for the Oriental Beauty. Each leaf is therefore of exceptionally high quality.

The colour of this tea is redder than other oolongs - the taste is sweet and rich, fruity and aromatic. It contains notes of honey. Due to its heavy oxidation, it is more like black tea than green tea.


Like all the tea we offer, the Oriental Beauty Oolong can be brewed several times. All information about brewing the tea can be found here. We also include an outline of the recommended way to brew the tea with each order.

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