no. 3 High Mountain Oolong

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Oxidation: Light, 20%
Taste intensity:
13 mg per 100 ml
Origin: Chaiyi, Taiwan
Altitude: 1500 meters
Also known as: Gaoshan tea, 高山茶


High Mountain Oolong is a collective name for various types of tea, all of which grow at a certain height and are harvested and treated according to high quality standards.

The high altitude means that there is less daylight and a greater temperature difference between day and night. The air is thinner, the ground often less nutritious. Moreover, there is more fog.

These extreme differences result in a slow growth of the tea, a part of the harvest is lost and the remaining tea has more 'energy' in the leaves. The tea tries to preserve nutrients. This results in a unique taste and a unique quality of tea.


The resulting flavour depends on many factors: temperature, soil, humidity, harvesting conditions, the processing of the tea and so on. There are many High Mountain Oolongs in circulation of inferior quality. They often come from China or Taiwan.

Our High Mountain Oolong is from Chiayi, Taiwan and is of high quality. Therefore, this tea has a refined taste. The tea is fresh, crunchy and comes close to green tea, without the bitterness that green tea can have. The taste has sweet undertones. You can really taste the quality and purity in this tea.


Like all the tea we offer, the High Mountain Oolong can be brewed several times. All information about brewing the tea can be found here. We also include an outline of the recommended way to brew the tea with each order.

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