no. 4 Pouchong

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Oxidation: Light, 8% - 10%
Taste intensity: ●●●
12 mg per 100 ml
Origin: Pinglin district, Taiwan
Altitude: 200 - 400 meters
Also known as: Bao Zhong, Baozhong, Baochong


This Pouchong Oolong comes from Pinglin, in the North of Taiwan, not far from Taipei. Pinglin is the worldwide centre of Pouchong production: 80% of all Pouchong tea traded worldwide comes from there.

The tea grows on rolling hills, at an altitude of about 200 - 400 meters. The low hanging clouds shield the tea from too much sun. This creates a mild taste, which is not bitter.

Only 24 hours elapse from harvest to the final product. The leaves are rolled in the traditional way: lengthwise and slightly twisted. This results in long, graceful leaves.


The taste is round and soft, with sweet, floral undertones. Because the tea is so slightly oxidized, you can taste the freshness of a green tea, without being bitter. At the same time the tea is soft and full.


Like all the tea we offer, the Pouchong Oolong can be brewed several times. All information about brewing the tea can be found here. We also include an outline of the recommended way to brew the tea with each order.

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