Oolong Tasting Set

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Oxidation: From light to heavy
Taste intensity: From ● to ●●●●●
Origin: Pinglin, Nantou and Chiayi, Taiwan
Altitude: 200 - 1700 meters


For those who cannot choose one of the four types of Oolong we offer, we have developed a tasting set. Which includes four bags of loose tea, all of which you can taste and compare. The package includes the following teas::

  • No. 1. Dong Ding Oolong
  • No. 2. Oriental Beauty
  • No. 3. High Mountain Oolong
  • No. 4. Pouchong

Each tea has a different flavour and experience. With this sample pack we hope to help you make a choice or introduce you to oolong tea. The tasting set is also nice as a gift. Each bag contains 25 grams of oolong tea, enough to enjoy each tea 3 to 5 times.


The different flavours range from soft and fruity, to darker, redder and full. Each tea has its own unique taste. You can find more information on the page of each tea in our selection.


All our oolong teas can be brewed several times. All information about brewing the tea can be found here. We also include an outline of the recommended way to brew the tea with each order.

Questions or more information?

You can find answers to most questions on our FAQ page. Is your question not answered? Feel free to contact us, we'd be happy to help you. If you would like to order larger quantities, we would be happy to take a look at that too.

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